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Enterprising Custom Solutions

Agile Precis understands the demands of your industry and fits the technology to address the specific regulatory, economic and market conditions under which your particular business operates. Our depth of industry experience provides creative, flexible and effective tools that meet the demanding challenges across a range of industry sectors.

Evolving economic conditions and regulatory pressures unique to the banking and financial services demand technologies that provide optimum security and compliance, as well as consumer convenience (i.e., mobile banking). Agile Precis has delivered a range of solutions that address the various needs of asset and wealth management, consumer lending, credit card processing, investment banking and brokerage, retail and wholesale banking, risk compliance and securities systems and services. Our industry interest just one of our valuable assets to the success of your business.

We serve a range of government entities accomplish their mission and streamline processes to be more responsive to the citizens they serve. Out-of-the-box thinking improves performance to deliver services more efficiently. Our approaches speed development, testing and deployment to hit-the-ground running in enhancing the capabilities of a variety of federal, state and local government agencies, as well as a range of government entities worldwide.

In an industry that in some cases literally deals with life and death decisions, we provide solutions that make care more cost-efficient in meeting the demands of a highly complex insurance and regulatory environment. Our solutions help the healthcare industry reduce costs and improve care that involves rethinking old models and developing new technological innovations. We’re working to improve the well-being of providers, patients and payers to address the pressing need for new ways to deliver healthcare at a reasonable cost to everyone who needs it.

Delivering service has never been more challenging. Our solutions are not only up to the challenge, they prepare you for what’s coming next. We provide back-office applications for life, retirement and group insurers as well as property and casualty providers. We help you migrate from legacy systems, comply with evolving and complex regulations, as well as develop mobile applications increasingly in demand by consumers to optimize responsiveness and ease of use.

We partner with retailers who embrace emerging innovations in e-commerce, mobile apps and supply chain management are shaping the face-and the future-of shopping. Whether it’s a department store, discounter, grocer or a specialty retailer, we help provide fully connected merchandising experiences that earn customer loyalty. At the same time, we deploy technology to improve the supply chain to reduce costs and maximize inventory levels to get goods to customers precisely where and when they need it.

Communicating in today’s tightly networked industry requires lighting quick responses to develop technical benchmarks that make everything faster and more convenient. Our forward-looking solutions optimize the use of customer data while also protecting their privacy and security. We can help you address your most pressing needs, everything from a systems migration to a faster development cycle.

Distribution of digital assets is key. By entertaining creative solutions to manage and deliver media, you can be a star with your customers. To effective monetize your digital products, you need solutions that offer faster product development and deliver. To effectively market your digital products, you need solutions steeped in rich media and optimal social marketing processes. Featuring us in product engineering and business processes earns top billing among advertisers, broadcasters, music and video providers, print and publishing companies and gaming enterprises.

Automotive and transportation is one of the most promising sectors for the Internet of Things (IoT). Agile Precis has experience in both the automobile industry telematics projects and the trucking industry converting vast amounts of data into meaningful and actionable knowledge, Agile Precis can help solve many of modern society’s automotive safety, transportation efficiency, and infrastructure challenges. The IoT is enabling innovations like self-driving (autonomous) cars, “smart” fleet management, and intelligent transportation infrastructure.