Keeping the Vandals Out

What’s keeping investors, government agencies, business owners and customers up at night?

The protection, preservation and general security of personal and proprietary data.

The cost of a data breach can easily exceed millions. But that cost extends far beyond financial loss-it affects the confidence of customers and partners, and tarnishes an organization’s reputation for integrity and best practices.

Yet, in too many cases, an organization’s response to data security is after it has been compromised, not to take all possible measures to ensure against compromise.

An effective data security policy is more than firewalls and and effective encryption, as important as they are. It’s also securing your physical assets (laptops, servers, mobile devices) as well as the buildings where people and equipment reside-who has access and how that access is monitored. It also involves clearly stated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) both to ensure employees and customers are following best practices, but also that you are in compliance with sometimes obscure and often complex regulatory requirements.

Agile Precis assesses your facilities, personnel and what you need to protect. We develop a plan to secure both physical and data assets, and establish a “roadmap” of milestones-what you need to achieve now, what need to aim to achieve in the future. Then we build a cost-effective, flexible plan that controls and monitors your IT infrastructure and data, ensures regulatory compliance, and, above all, protects against physical intrusions and cyber attacks. We can manage the plan for you, or hand-off the plan to your IT department. In either case, the goal is to determine and deploy systems that best provide good security technology and practices.
So everyone can sleep better.

We Put the “T” in “IT”-Software Engineering Services

Agile Precis brings decades of IT development and consulting experience to your business. Our capabilities in a range of disciplines is unparalleled, encompassing:

  • Enterprise-Wide IT Infrastructure

  • Internet of Things

  • Web Design and Development

  • Mobile Product Development

  • Legacy Systems Modernization

  • Systems Integration

  • Cloud Computing

  • Data Warehousing

  • Custom Software Development

  • Program and Project Management

  • Systems Upgrade, Migration and Lifecycle Management

Systems Integration to Elevate Your Enterprise

Proper integration of data functionalities and sometimes disparate systems reduces operating and capital expenses, improves customer service and market responsiveness. Agile Precis has performed countless systems integration projects to streamline operations and take business operations to the next level. These includes:

  • Legacy systems upgrades and migrations

  • Real-time application workflow data integration

  • Application development

  • SaaS (software as a service) integration

  • Service-Oriented Architecture planning and deployment

  • Systems analysis

  • Mobility services integration

  • Testing and validation

Expert Insight into How Things Work (or Don’t)

Agile Precis offers free assessments of your business, your IT infrastructure, your web and mobile marketing platforms. We aren’t looking to lead you to buy our products or services. We are looking to help you determine what’s working well, and what needs to work better.

Because the better our customers work, the more we can do to help you work even better. Our strategic capabilities include:

  • Data and Analytics

  • Business Process Services

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Due Diligence

  • Program Management

  • Quality Engineering and Assurance

Expert Patent Support

We provide legal experts to testify in patent litigation disputes that touch on the use, maintenance and protection of intellectual property, collection of private data and use of employee records. In addition, we develop policies and procedures that meet-and frequently exceed-mandated industry and government regulations to ensure compliance and protect companies, agencies and individuals against potential fines and lawsuits, as well as provide incident analysis and response programs that reduce strategic and financial risk of data loss.

We combine knowledge of regulation with actual IT methodologies and implementation. Our vast experience in complex data security and privacy issues as well as patent protection combined with an extensive network of industry leading cyber consultants is unique and unparalleled.